TL Collins

Location Indiana
Occupation Personnel Manager
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IM (GTalk) tlwc74

About Me

Growing up I found more comfort in old bookstores than the mall, having fallen in love with books at a young age. I learned to read by the time I was 3, and begin crafting stories in my head long before I learned proper penmanship. When I learned to write my daddy bought me a little notebook that I carried with me wherever I went, jotting my "thoughts" down in the form of little poems.
I am stingy with my writing, hesitant to share, terribly shy about my words, sensitive about my creations like an overprotective mother. At 36 I am attempting to break this habit by joining this community of written word lovers. Constructive comments are more than welcome, they are needed.

I reside in Indiana with my wonderful husband, and very spoiled kitten, Princess Helen.

Why do you write?

Fueled by Johnny Walker Black Label, and a need to quiet my mind, I am inspired by any manner of things I see in my world on a daily basis - the dancing of leaves in the wind, the smile of a child, reports in the news...

Any favorite authors? Books?

My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
I don't really have favorite authors per say.. I enjoy reading the creations of others for the work of art it is - whether it is judged "good" or "bad" by those that like to critique.

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