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  • by Stephanie Dickinson
    Rain Mountain Press, 2013.

  • by Stephanie Dickinson
    Spuyten Duyvil, 2009.

  • by Stephanie Dickinson
    Spuyten Duyvil, 2011.
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    "I proclaim it: I love the rich./For their rotten, unsteady root/for the damage done in their cradle/for the absent-minded way their hands/go in and out of their pockets;/for the way their softest word is obeyed like a shouted order; because/they will not be let into heaven."
    --Marina Tsvetaeva

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    Darryl Price – Jul 21, 2013

    Great to have you with us!

    Joani Reese – Jun 14, 2013

    Hi Stephanie. Nice to have you here.

    Bill Yarrow – Jun 14, 2013

    Welcome to Fictionaut, Stephanie.

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