Paul Corman-Roberts

Location Oakland CA
Occupation lush

About Me

Native Californian, citizen of Earth, generally just another confused blob of protoplasm on our humble speck of dust.

Why do you write?

Fuels? Who the hell knows? I write to exorcise my demons. This has worked for me more or less since before I was ten years old. I only became serious about form and recognition in my 20's.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Italo Calvino, Kenneth Patchen, Margaret Atwood, Anne Carson, Bukowski, Neruda, Franzen, Emily Dickinson

Paul Corman-Roberts's Wall

Michael J. Solender – Mar 30, 2011

Now we're in for it..

Robert Vaughan – Mar 29, 2011

Welcome Paul!

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Mar 29, 2011

Finally! Someone I've gotten drunk with is here!

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