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Ohad’s practice explores the relationship between the individual and his or her physical, mental, and emotional environment. Oscillating between different observational modes, from very detailed miniature accounts of daily life to portrayals of uncanny inner-landscapes, his work addresses the age-old and at times frustrating quest for ones place in the world. Utilizing a generous amount of deadpan humor and neurotic self-doubt, he creates potential alternative ‘scenarios’ in which the viewer/reader may experience a more liberating and synergetic model of space and time.

In relation to his performative work, Chris Clarke has stated that his practice “often relays the impressions of his experiences and his surroundings, at that particular time and place, through performances, texts (...). His diary-like readings, while pared down to a singularly subjective interpretation, also reveal careful observations of miniature detail, casual encounters and overlooked incidents.”

About his first book titled 2 blue cups on two different corners of the table (published by VerySmallKitchen in 2013), David Berridge has said that “the book is a collection of diary like writings that explores the meeting place of autobiography and fiction, introspection and performance, experience and commentary, through unfolding processes of attention and its notation in words. Recalling classic texts like Joe Brainard’s I Remember, it finds its own forms and attitudes for the things, people and places of which, implicated, it tells.”

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