Norman Klein

Location Chicago
Occupation writer
Website http://none
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About Me

One of founding editors of Ploughshares. Have an MFA in fiction from Iowa and have published poetry in Ploughshares, Beloit Poetry Journal, Antioch Review and others.

But I'm all about fiction now.

Why do you write?

Because I wake up at four am having just dreamed about a high school band marching through a corn field, or having suddenly remembered something I did years ago that was so off the map that I'm lucky to be alive.

Those are the seeds of my most recent stories.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Raymond Carver, Roddy Doyle, and Alice Munrow

Favorite book is Cormac McCarthy's All The Pretty Horses

Norman Klein's Wall

Susan Gibb – Mar 15, 2010

Welcome Norm,
Any lover of McCarthy's a friend of mine.

Norman Klein – Mar 14, 2010

David Ackley – Mar 12, 2010

Hi Norm,
I guess the invite finally made it. Welcome to the party.

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