Mindela Ruby

Location SF Bay Area
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About Me

I teach reading and composition and creative writing at the community college level. My novel, Mosh It Up, is under representation at Trident Media Group. I hope to be able to report a sale next year!

Why do you write?

I have been writing since first grade. It just seems to be in my DNA, despite the fact that I come from a barely literate family...

Any favorite authors? Books?

I admire many authors, it's hard to play favorites. But I can say that Virginia Woolf and David Foster Wallace have been particularly inspirational to me. I'd like to think they've become friends in the afterlife that I don't really even believe in.

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Darryl Price – Dec 23, 2011

A big hello!

Robert Vaughan – Dec 18, 2011

Welcome, Miindela!

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