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one of my favorite things to do is hear the punchline of a joke and try to figure out the beginning.
or try to imagine how two people walking down the street came to know each other.
or why some unknown party decided it was a good idea to fill his apartment with old automobile tires.
also i like to ride bicycles. i decided it was a good idea to fill my minuscule pad with six of them.

Why do you write?

once i get an idea in my head, i feel horrible until i get it out again more or less the way it came to me.

Any favorite authors? Books?

cormac mccarthy: blood meridian
homer: the iliad
saul bellow: adventures of augie march
thomas mann: the magic mountain
italo calvino: the baron in the trees

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Robert Vaughan – Oct 07, 2010

Welcome, Matthew! Glad to have you here!

Darryl Price – Oct 06, 2010

Good to have you with us.

Ann Bogle – Oct 06, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut, Matthew!

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