Kassia Krozser

Location Pasadena, CA
Occupation Consultant/Writer
Website http://booksquare.com

About Me

I write fiction and run booksquare.com -- I love ideas and thinking about the future. Actually, I love the future because it always has another future around the corner.

Why do you write?

Trick question, right? No? Okay, if I don't, then the voices in my head mean I'm crazy. Which I am, but it's not because of the voices.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Argh! Another test. At the moment, I'm in London, so I'm having a mix of a Jane Austen/Dorothy Dunnett (Scotland, yeah, I know)/Georgette Heyer/William Makepeace Thackeray love fest. Though I do have great fondness for Edith Wharton. And Harper Lee. And even Thomas Pynchon, though I don't think I'll ever finish Gravity's Rainbow.

Kassia Krozser's Wall

Kat Meyer – Nov 29, 2008

Hey Kassia: I am sure I'm the last person to join the beta of Fictionaut, but here i am nonetheless. It's quiet here.

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