Karen M. Rider

Location Connecticut
Occupation freelance writer, emerging author
Website http://KarenMRider.com

About Me

My articles on success steps for writers and authors have published in The Writer and Writer's Digest. My articles and interviews have appeared in various print and digital holistic health publications. I spin fictional tales that weave myth and metaphysics with contemporary storytelling.

My short speculative piece, Rachel's Garden recently won Honorable Mention in a contest sponsored by StoneThread Publishing. My first short story, "The Parade" appeared in Dream Network Journal (2009), and a longer version, titled "Visionary Parade," appeared in Om Times (12/2011). My stories and novels weave myth and metaphysics with contemporary dilemmas for characters to overcome, often wrapped in a suspenseful plot. I call this "metaphysical fiction."

These writing experiences have taught me that the world is far more mystical than mundane; you just have to, as they say in Avatar, "see with more than your eyes."

That's what I hope to do with my writing, both nonfiction and fiction: To give readers a way to see the world beyond the ordinary… a reading experience that enriches, enlightens and entertains.

Why do you write?

I write so that my young daughters will learn from my example that dreams are worth chasing, no matter how late in life you start. And, even if you don't arrive at your planned destination, you're probably right where you're supposed to be.

The outdoors inspires me. I love backpacking, hiking and biking. I practice yoga to work out the writing kinks. Swimming is a great way to drown out the chaos of daily life and silence my inner critic.

I require tea when I write--iced or hot, depending on the weather. Fresh loose-leaf tea, none of that boxed stuff for me.

I like to veg out with a good movie--thrillers, drama, epic adventure, fantasy, sci fi. Love Peter Jackson's films and M. Night Shymalan among others.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I read widely. I'm most interested in the story, more than the name of the cover of the book.

Karen M. Rider's Wall

L.C. – Apr 11, 2013

Hi Karen,

I was looking for metaphysical writers here at Fictionaut and found your profile.

I'm interested in writing metaphysical fiction and would like to learn more about this genre. Do you have recommendations where I could start?

Appreciate your at-your-most-convenient-time response...

Con Chapman – Dec 30, 2012

Karen--thanks for commenting on My Stigmata. When I'm burning in hell until the end of time I'll comfort myself that SOMEBODY liked it.

H-M Brown – Dec 01, 2012

Thank you for commenting on 'Arcana Magi Rush'. I am glad you enjoyed the Short Story. I look forward to continue to entertain you with future stories.

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