Jonas Knutsson

Location Iceland
Occupation Translator/Journalist/Filmmaker

About Me

My favorite past-time is loafing which I hope will one day become an Olympic sport. I studied film (NYU) and classics and English lit. (University of Iceland).

Just published a book called "The History of American Film".

Before that I published a book cum translation on Tacitus' "Agricola" and am currently (between gigs) at work on a book cum translation on Cicero's Catilinarian speeches.

Why do you write?

A failure to exorcise my characters in any other way.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Kurt Vonnegut, the Icelandic Sagas, Anthony Burgess, the classics, Tom Sharpe, Jerome K. Jerome.

Jonas Knutsson's Wall

Jonas Knutsson – Dec 06, 2009

Nothing Doro. I look forward to reading some of the very promising stories as soon as thing slow down a bit.

Dorothee Lang – Dec 06, 2009

Welcome + Willkommen!

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