john rodat

Location collar city, empire state
Occupation public relations/communications/ -ish

About Me

Former arts journalist sold out to work the other side of the biz.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Donald Antrim, "Infinite Jest," "Razor's Edge," "Confederacy of Dunces," Adam Johnson's collection "Emporium," Amy Hempel, Aimee Bender, "White Noise," Max Schulman, Woody Allen, "Naked Lunch," "Foucault's Pendulum," "World Light," "Moby Dick," graphic novels by Alan Moore, Charles Burns and Ben Katchor . . .

john rodat's Wall

Amy Halloran – May 22, 2009

Never sacrifice the opportunity to escape!

john rodat – May 21, 2009

Thanks, Amy! I do hope to spend more time here than in real life, so it might just work out!

Amy Halloran – May 20, 2009

Hi John! Welcome to the realm. Maybe I'll see you here more than in real life!

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