John j. zanath

Location memphis
Occupation barista/hooligan

About Me

I'm a young disenfranchised punk kid, with a southern sense of respect, tough northern skin, and a mind that can only be compared to a meticulously sharpened shard of glass wrapped in a rag and gaffer tape. I drink and smoke and rarely sleep, and stagger the line between everything.

Why do you write?

My words are fueled by anger, pain, fear, lonliness, drugs, tragedy, whiskey, hope, cigarettes, a keen perception, mistakes, failures, the joy of failure, the glory of retribution, and more cigarettes. I write because I need to. When I stop writing, everything gets worse.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Andrew vachss, charlie huston, james ellroy, charles bukowski, hubert selby jr., phillip k. Dick, samuel r. Delaney, sir arthur connan doyle, mickey spillane, dashiell hammet, raymond chandler, elmore leonard, kevin young, billy collins, miller williams, and that's all that's floating along the top of my skull.

John j. zanath's Wall

Katie Moore – Feb 12, 2012

It's not hard, just read and comment, fav or not. Then post your own work and wait while continuing to read and comment.

Darryl Price – Feb 06, 2012

Wow--glad to see somebody bring Billy Collins into the mix--welcome!

Katie Moore – Feb 03, 2012

I'm glad to see you here!

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