Jennifer Flescher

Location Arlington, MA
Occupation Teacher, editor, writer

About Me

Jennifer S. Flescher’s poetry publications include The Harvard Review, Fulcrum, Lit and The Boston Globe. Her non-fiction publications include Agni-Online, Jubilat, Perihelion, and Poetry Daily. She teaches writing to college students. She is editor and publisher of Tuesday; An Art Project.

Why do you write?

What a great idea this is -- you know, I never wanted to be a writer because of the isolation...
What fuels my creativity... the fact that when I let it languish everything turns very very bad...

Any favorite authors? Books?

Claudia Rankine, Ralph Angel, Emily Dickenson, Louise Glück. I don't get out much... I love books by journalists too -- Junger and the A Civil Action guy.

Jennifer Flescher's Wall

Amy Yelin – Sep 13, 2008

Hi Jennifer,
thanks for the note! This fictionaut site seems very cool. I'm looking forward to spending more time on it...hope you and the kids are doing well, too.

Sara Levine – Sep 08, 2008

Hi. Glad you joined.

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