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Gilda Moss Haber, PhD – Jun 09, 2010

Just got here.6.10/2010
How do I search for British friends
I am a social psychologist specializing in
spatial position in small forml groups nd its significance.
Have written on sumptary law, 30 Days in a Home for Disjointed, Diary of a Mad Hatter andsccholarly articles on
spatial position re identifying security risks plus a memoir
Cockney Girl, and a later memoir "Diary of Mad Hatter." Much modern Jewish-other content. Speak fluent English French, Hebrew, smattering of Spanish, Geman-Yiddish and Arabic.
Wish to find wartime friends: Joycey Kennel, Jocelyn
Thielkhul,Sarah Lampel, anyone from Spitalfields, East End or
evcuaated to Newmarket, Ely or The White House in Great Chesterford.Thanks.

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