Eve Strain

Location Kentucky
Occupation Bookkeeper
Website http://

About Me

I'm lost. In the past, I wrote poetry, terrible short stories, personal essays, and newspaper articles. I painted, made hand-drawn greeting cards, and took up new hobbies. Now, I live in the country, care for animals, crunch numbers all day, write freelance articles, and read blogs or watch reruns of Project Runway and Frasier in the evenings. I want to get back to a more creative place.

I love literary criticism and critiquing the works of other people.

Why do you write?

I like playing with the structure of poetry; working within constraints on rhyme, meter, repetition, etc. is freeing and forces me to think harder about both my intent and expression. Having a challenge also pushes me to write; I will pick something to write about and stick with it to make something I like if I know I have a deadline.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Authors: Vladimir Nabokov, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Jane Austen. Books: The Master and Margarita, Pale Fire, 100 Years Of Solitude.

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