Dirk van Nouhuys

Location Berkeley, CA, USA
Website http://www.wandd.com

About Me

You can learn about me at my web site, www.wandd.com

Why do you write?

I want to give the reader something that moves him in a beneficial way.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Homer - The Odyssey
Lady Murasaki - The Tale of Genji
Euripides -The Bacchae
Shakespeare - King Lear
Montaigne - Essays
Fielding - Tom Jones
Tolstoy – War and Peace
Henry James – The Ambassadors
Hardy - The Mayor of Casterbridge
Conrad - Victory
Checkov - Selected Stories
Proust - À la recherché du temps perdu
Faulkner -The Sound and the Fury/Absalom! Absalom!
Sebald - The Rings of Saturn
Gao Xingjian - Soul Mountain

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