David M. Barnish

Location Chicago
Occupation Bartender/Server/Fiction Writer
Website http://

About Me

Well hello there. I am a fiction writer and my name is David M. Barnish. I have a passion for reading and writing. With every trip into the labyrinth, I try to make it out again. So far, so good.

Why do you write?

I need all arts around me to keep me creative. I am a l'enfant des Arts. I love great movies, great shows, great art, and great art. I have recently gotten into mind puzzles for my breaks in between writing.
Why do I write? I am both addicted to and dependent on it, so there's the physical as well as psychological grip it has on me. This sounds a bit scary sounding, but writing is a little scary sometimes. I can only understand the world around me if I write about it.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner
Shakespeare - All the tragedies
Dostoevsky - Brothers; Crime
Tolstoy - War; Anna
George Elliot - Silas Marner; Middlemarch
Thomas Mann - Everything, esp. shorter works and Magic Mountain
Sinclair Lewis - Main St.; Babbitt
Stephen King - Everything

David M. Barnish's Wall

Robert Vaughan – Jun 07, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut, David!

Marcy Dermansky – Jun 05, 2012

Super happy to have you on Fictionaut. Welcome.

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