Charlotte Eckler

Location Massachusetts
Occupation editor/translator
Website http://

About Me

I write poetry, sometimes super short stories that I call anecdotes, also keep journals, though not regularly.

Mostly I am juggling family and work as a freelance editor. Last year I started making decorative pastepapers and journals/boxes with them. My art class is great - relaxing and inspiring at the same time.

In terms of publishing I've just done chap books but would like to really get all my stuff together and publish it sometime! This would be important to me as something to pass on to my daughter.

Why do you write?

I think I now write mostly to record an event or impression that I'd like to share or hold on to. Sometimes I write to sort our my feelings - I think this was my original motivation growing up in a confusing and sometimes threatening environment. Sometimes I write to perform - I used to read poetry or do performance pieces and I sometimes like the drama.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I have an open mind to writers - as long as the writing is good - which of course is subjective. Right now I picked up a book by Meridel Le Sueur - short stories - and I'm enjoying it. She was a journalist and depression-era 'proto' feminist writer. I was reading Annie Proulx's Accordion Crimes last. Liked that as I do love music and music history. I guess I prefer certain genres - social critique - historical information - or the challenge to describe something that is hard to define (like scents and sounds). Synesthetic writing.

Charlotte Eckler's Wall

pam rosenblatt – Apr 26, 2010

Hi Charlotte,

Welcome to Fictionaut! I hope you find the website literary interactions valuable and creatively advantageous. Please let me know when you post a story or a poem.

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