Location Somewhere Pink
Occupation Cow - horned but not malicious.

About Me

I am many things - none of them with horns. I roll through life with my tongue lolling, seeking out the curious and stinky - but here I am all about the stories...

I like attitude without anger, fun with consequence, sex with passion, slushies with tequila.

Sometimes I feel like I am searching for the perfect book, so if you think you know it, read it, wrote it, I'm interested.

Why do you write?

There are possibly twenty different answers to that; possibly a hundred; possibly one.

I think of my head as being like the faraway tree filled with endless worlds, probably more than I will ever visit. I grew this way; the stories, the people and voices were always there. My parents worried.

Maybe I write to understand myself; or maybe I write because I think there should be some useful purpose to my oddity. Or maybe I write because I'm addicted to semi-colons; I just can't get enough and they are a peculiarity of the written form.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I like books more than I like authors.

To Kill a Mockingbird is where art and story meet.

The Scots Quair is where music and prose meet

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is just good sense, even if you are staying on Earth

Emma is my favourite Austen

Just too many.. a heck of lot of obscure stuff no one will have heard off too.

Bibbybop's Wall

Darryl Price – Apr 05, 2013

I agree with your mockingbird--welcome!

Frankie Saxx – Mar 22, 2013

I accidentally deleted the message you left on my wall because I am an idiot and even though the button says "delete" it feels like it should be "reply" -- this is not the first time I have done this.

So. About those toes...

Frankie Saxx – Mar 21, 2013

Hey, hi, and welcome!

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