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Location Oneonta, New York
Occupation Novelist; Lecturer
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About Me

I am a literary novelist. I've been at my craft for almost thirty years. My first novel, "The Genius of the World," was published in 2000 by Zoland Books. I was fortunate to receive excellent reviews, including a rave from Alan Cheuse on "All Things Considered." My second novel, "The Noble Truth" went on the market two weeks before 9/11 and did not sell. Not much of a market for black comedy in those days. I've just finished my third novel, "Lost," now awaiting a decision from a major publisher. But as my agent cautions, "they're all being told not to buy unless they have to." As though they were handing out bunches of contracts previous to the crisis! My fingers are crossed--the editor loved it--the sales & marketing people are reading it.

Why do you write?

Why do I write? Because it is pure bliss to grapple with language and to live in an alternate world.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Favorite authors, hmm, the list changes as I change, but an off-the-top-of--my--head list goes something like this and in no discernible order of preference: Carol Shields, James Agee, Henry Roth, Graham Greene, Joseph Roth, Chekhov, Austen, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Emily Bronte, Kent Haruf, Mary Oliver, Shakespeare, Virginia Wolf, Laurence Sterne...oh I give up. There are too many and in some cases it's individual books: Richard Ford's "Independence Day," Frank Conroy's "Stop Time," Eva Hoffman's "Lost in Translation." I guess I'll just add as I go along.

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Corey Zeller – Feb 14, 2009

How are you? All this talk of agents and "All Things Considered" makes me feel like I'm writing a message to someone from another planet.

How are you? I'd really like to read some of your work. Please post some soon!


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