Over simplifying the solution, or, there have been way too many celebrations at the confetti factory

by Sean Taylor

it only takes a little water to get the blood out
your favorite dress
your favorite needle
the guest bedroom your in laws left you in
"it's mostly made of water,
your blood that is,
it's mostly made of water"
she said
"and it makes sense"
so when she fell down the stairs
still she said
"try some soda water,
it should clean up this mess,
then we can,
try and put my bones back in
they're mostly made of calcium
white like milk, mostly calcium
just drink some milk,
it should fix everything."

So when I quit my job
I just jumped in
this is my resignation letter
I told my boss
I'm mostly made of water
how dare you pretend
to be a banker, a professional
I said
life guards are always swimming in it
mostly water, they never pretend
they're saving lives,
they're putting the souls back in
by pulling the water out
"Take the water out,"
she said
"I've had too much of it,
you've got to limit it,
don't you know
we'll get older
before we get dead"
I said
"don't you know
water runs
and we're mostly made of it,"
"where are you going,
where have you been?"
"Water runs,
and we're mostly made of it."