The Silent Night

by Sam McCrea

                                              The Silent Night
                                           (A Christmas story)
                                              By Sam McCrea
                                               703 447-5538

Twas the night BEFORE the night before Christmas and Shani and her homies decided to have a sleepover.  Shani and Abbie were sitting on the couch watching TV while Katie and Stephanie were in the kitchen getting some munchies.

All of a sudden Shani's nose started bleeding.  She got up to head for the bathroom and Abbie got up to follow her.

Shani, said "Abbie, hand me a tissue will you?".  Shani heard a thud behind her and turned to find Abbie had fainted.  Shani ran over to Abbie to revive her and as she leaned over her, blood started dripping onto Abbie's face.

Just then Katie came back from the kitchen and thought Shani and Abbie had been fighting when she saw blood on both of them.  She started wrestling Shani to the floor.  Shani protested loudly, waking Abbie.  Abbie thought Katie was hurting Shani, so she ran to the kitchen, grabbed a frying pan, ran back and bopped Katie on the head with it.  Katie slumped to the floor.  

Abbie, thinking Katie might possibly be dead, bolted for the phone to call 911, but tripped over Katie.  There was a loud crack as Abbie fell to the floor, breaking her arm.

Abbie shrieked in pain which brought Stephanie running from the kitchen to see what the hell was going on.  When Stephanie saw blood on Shani and Abbie and Katie passed out on the floor she fainted.  The pain in Abbie's arm and the sight of blood on Shani made her faint again.  

The wrestling with Katie had made Shani's nose bleed profusely.  The loss of blood made her pass out on top of the pile of other bodies on the floor.  At last it was a SILENT NIGHT!!