Don't Mangle the Mongol

by Sam McCrea

                               Don't Mangle the Mongol
Back in the Dark Ages, the Mongols invented the first hamburger pattie. They put slabs of beef under their horses'  saddles and after a few miles of rough riding -- voila! a flattened piece of cow meat.   

They then proceeded to put up little buildings throughout Ulan Bator and other highly civilized Mongol cities to sell these flattened pieces of cow meat.   

Rival pattie sellers popped up in no time, so the Mongol's had to come up with their own logo so that their customers would know the real deal, so they hit upon the idea of using a giant letter "M" (for Mongol) and painting it a golden color.   

It wasn't long before customers started griping that it was too boring just to eat flattened cow meat all the time, so while rampaging through Gaul one day, the Mongols hacked up a bunch of potatoes with their scimitars and cooked them in some hot yak juice and served them with the cow patties.   

Since the Mongols invented these in Gaul they decided to call them "French fries".
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