A Nerdy Valentine's Day Poem

by Ryan McDermott

Some girls get a ring

And some others get a bouquet

But I want to do something different

On our very first Valentine's Day


So I wrote you a poem

Sorry if it's geeky and weird

But I'm not your traditional guy

I mean I can't even grow a beard


So here it goes:


You are the code to my compiler

You are the foo to my bar

You are the arc to my sin

You are the static to my char


You are the heatsync to my processor

You are the Java to my Sun

You are the ohm to my resistor

And I am the zero to your one


I am nothing when you're gone

I am like a chip without a gate

Nothing in my life computes

And I can never feel great


But when I have you it's just right

I no longer feel out of touch and aloof

Because when I have you in my arms

It's better than a mathematical proof


Entropy doesn't work on our closed system

Our love is forever and axiomatic

Like pi, e, and every law in math

It's everlasting and static


Your beauty defies all of probability theory

Because you are beyond all chance

And I love you more than anything

Even a scientific advance


So this is for you my love

For our very first Valentine's Day

You've done to me what math did for the world

You made me better in every way