Kingdom of the blind

by Roberto C. Garcia

the story of Rodrigo Rosenberg

Rodrigo Rosenberg had blindness in reverse. 

He saw everything: corruption, greed,

murder, its escalation in between the ears,

it caked around cops & Constitutions. 

His passion was practicing law, he had few

acquaintances but one good friend,

a client he knew was honest, Khalil Musa. 

Learned & wealthy but slowly going mad

from seeing, he did the only thing he could,

he turned to love, fell into Marjorie. 

Made Marjorie his country & inasmuch

he miscalculated; blindness in reverse was a gift

from his country Guatemala. 

& there is an old adage:

In Guatemala, the kingdom of the blind,

a one eyed man is king.

An accursed gift—Justice is meant to serve blind

& a sighted lawyer is truly cursed.

The poor bastard turned to love,

his country, jealous, to old reliable murder.

They killed Marjorie, killed Khalid Musa,

upturned the balance of his scales.

Rodrigo went searching for justice

where there was none.  Guatemala, traded

for love, laid down the filth & made felt

just how dead deep justice was.

As a lawyer he knew solid evidence

wouldn't keep in a crooked court.

What could the poor bastard do?

Rodrigo arranged his own assassination,

supplied a DVD postlude to the masses

via YouTube & social media, begged

his country, Enough Guatemala, Enough!

In due course everyone was outraged,

the United Nations sent their heroes—prosecutors,

Lancelot for Camelot, but didn't they know?

Guatemala's underbelly,

picking the flesh from its teeth howled:

Venid, ustedes tambien son bienvenido, tenemos lodo

hasta para sus caballeros blancos.