Penny cosmogony

by Mia Avramut

Pour warm pity into the juggles. The spectacle stings.

The juggler spins

your future in curves.


 It is brief.


On his knees

he divinates diverging lines

with belly laughs he levitates

the rebel spheres into geodes .

Butterfly collar shirt wings thin black body tie

hovers above

dented fedora  capsized on the sidewalk :

three coins three cufflinks

three bakelite buttons  

and red red roaches dozen .


Cyclopic stares benevolent talking heads

demand a peak and a nadir.


Moon crosses Sun twice

unaligned to marry

in hot ellipse

impeccable mid-nothingness.


Touches of phosphorus bright stun hemispheres.

He dices

he toss - dices them


until all planets drop

from wonder


until their weary

bodies fall


into one single