Osmotic potential

by loulou pollen

Guttering  semiotics,

The jeremiads of delirium;

Drinking lukewarm tea over a late candle

Like Hamlet in a power-cut;

Affecting his own audience of himself,

Hastening soliloquies through gritted sophisms,

Withered and spun to intentional fragility,

This Portuguese man-of-war separates himself

And while twice the fish, accelerates his undoing

By his undoing and is undone.

Dead in the water,


To be poked topmost by sticks;

To be swept tendrilous by self-serving tides,

Dissolving in indifferent though temperate waters,

Two homeopathic droplets added to the reliquary not of land.

A jar of sea water

Or the Prince of Denmark at his most potent?

To drink or not to drink and by opposing, end under the sun.

The divination from the vomitus will lead to the truth

Or to the sea by the principle of attraction

The zooids re-find themselves in infinite liquidity

Hamlet drowns by proxy as Ophelia bloats between two rocks.