Ashes to Ashes

by Linda Seccaspina


Recently something had filled the air and droves of people felt the need to disappear. Was it a knee-jerk reaction to the over-population by the government? Estimates had always ranged that Earth was able to comfortably house 12 Billion to well over 100 Billion human beings, but the major problem was the way the world systems were operating. They were not set up to enable such population without major disasters.

Suddenly there wasn't enough land to cultivate food, or resources to make new iPhones. Because the earth was an exponential-based economy it would either have to crash or be overhauled - as it is was no longer sustainable in its current state. The Craigslist classified ads that began to flood the site were short and sweet, but increased ten-fold on a daily basis.

“Fed Up With Life”

Marriage and job seems like it is going down the pan, counseling hasn't helped. I just feel tired, tearful and just want to escape it all. So totally sad and fed up with everything. 



“Failed at Life”

I wanna just run away and never have anything in my life again. i feel everything i do has a horrible ripple effect on my life. i know I'm just stressed, but i also know I'm useless and stupid. i don't get why i make so many mistakes. I've failed at everything!


Day by day people went missing. Reports of the ads being answered with a robocall solution to their problems were at first unconfirmed. Yesterday my best friend told me his emotional distress call was going to be channeled into a free trip to what he called a happy place that would turn him around. As I watched him leave that very same day I had a feeling I would never see him again. I was right.



The plane left Los Angeles early March 6, 2014. The plane was to land in London at 6:30 the same day. The Aviation Hearld reported at 9:30 local time that the aircraft was over three hours late, and hadn't landed anywhere.


It could not have gone missing.


They just lost radio contact.


This happens everyday.



They had information three hours after it went missing?  I'd be surprised if that is truly all they know at this point. That was a heavily traveled, very populated corridor. Lots of other planes in the region, lots of ships in the water, lots of people on the ground. Information will come quickly, I suspect. They are gone (maybe not literally). The plane has lost contact. Sorry, but, being a pilot, that means something horrible has happened. Hoping for the best, but at this point, one has reason to fear the worst.


“There has been speculation that the aircraft has landed in Ireland, however nothing is certain yet and we are working to verify the authenticity of the report and others,” a local reporter said.

Meanwhile, BBC reported that the Emergency Rescue Center announced it has found the signal of the missing plane. I watched the playback. At 5:09 PM on the 7th (they are + 8 hours to GMT) flight MH300 was at an attitude of 35,000 fee & 469 knots.



At 5:19PM they were at ZERO altitude & 471 knots.


At 5:21 they vanished from the screen.


They were the only plane in that vicinity for a couple hundred miles. The report however could not be confirmed. More than 239 people were now being reported missing and at that moment I knew I had to make a call for help for the rest of us.


“This is ground control to Major Tom."