You Shine Brightest Under the Starlit Sky

by Lem Cacho

You shine brightest under a starlit sky

The moon reflects your beauty

As the wind sings your name sweetly

It was under the heavens that we promised together

That I'll hold your hand and you'll be mine forever...


You glow brightest when the sun is at its highest

Your radiant skin warms my cold heart

You bring out the worst and best of me

Like how the sun makes me sweat and cleanses my body...


You make me shiver like the afternoon breeze

Each time the thought of your fingers grace my entirety

Like a blue streak of light your blue eyes searches for me

In that quiet afternoon filled with sweet breeze of honey...


But then you stopped glowing, then you stopped staring

I wonder how, I wonder why

You said it's the distance that is killing you

That I'm here and that you're there...


But my heart, my love

We know there are no boundaries

No time, no space can pull us apart

Only you and I can tell if this is all worth it

Only you and I can say if we should keep it


Alas you said it is all over

You broke the promise that we will be together

My heart was wounded and it broke into pieces

I am picking them up and putting them away

Put them in a safe box hoping that someday

You would be ready to put them back together


Under the starlit sky

With the radiant grace of the moon

One day you'll glow again, you'll be bright once more

And you'll bring the other half of your heart where it truly belongs...