the PC birds have come home to roost

by Lance Manion

I'm not one to just start talking out my ass about something that I have very little knowledge about, actually I am but I will pretend for the sake of this introduction that I'm not, but I think that most people get offended and lash out at the people that offend them with complete confidence that they will never actually silence the offensive party. That somehow the people that offend are always going to be there and there's fuck all they can do about it.

They could be wrong.

Political Correctness is not only on the uptick but its list of allies is getting formidable. Politicians have been silent for decades on any topic that is controversial and the media has always played the blame game in order to make themselves look more-bleeding-heart-than-thou (think Jon Stewart) but now this oversensitivity has set in with the very people who are supposed to be fighting the good fight against the norm … young people.

The fact that it's getting institutionalized is creepy.

Before I continue let me return to the idea of misrepresenting oneself in an opening paragraph. I'm completely one to start talking out of my ass on any topic so why did I feel I had to start my discussion of political correctness by somehow feigning credibility? In fact, talking out of ones ass might be the only way to fix this political correctness issue.

Maybe young people see how much influence people can acquire when they are offended. These days power seems to derive from the accumulation of grievances more than contributing to any vague ‘greater good'. If you look at the wide array of paper moral tigers that are inflicting themselves into the national dialogue on anything you might start to get an appreciation of how fucked up things have gotten. It has opened the door to a world where tyrants, race-hustlers, terrorists and financial criminals are all given a forum to spew their ignorance to the masses.

Masses that seem to believe that every opinion should be accepted at face value.

I think of all the stupid and hurtful things I've said and written in my life. Thoughts that have passed through my head that I am ashamed of and times where my callousness towards my fellow man has me wondering what is wrong with me. So I think some more. I absorb new data and come to different conclusions and continually update my world view. In my life I have said every horrible slur known to man out loud. Not in a lighthearted way but in sincere bursts of anger or spite. Every race, religion and sexual preference has been on the receiving end of this slander and at the end of the day I wouldn't take back one offensive thing.

I'm just a dumbass human trying to figure things out.

We all are. And when we try and pretend otherwise, when we try and bury these feelings beneath a protective blanket of bullshit they simmer and grow into something truly scary.

I've never really worried about it before because I've always thought that young people would always reject the crap that came before them and improve on things but when I hear that Chris Rock won't play colleges because they've become too politically correct I feel the first drop of perspiration forming on my brow.

I lay (or is it lie?) a lot of the blame at the feet of lawyers. Bullies in suits and ties that are no longer content with shaking down every facet of life for cash and now want to bring the free exchange of irresponsible ideas to a halt. Don't kid yourself, North Korea didn't stop Sony from releasing The Interview on Christmas, lawyers did. Lawyers are the reason more of us don't openly laugh at Scientology. The American Dream is now to raise a thug or marry a scumbag and hope they get shot by police so you can become a celebrity millionaire. Young people, who seem to have become sheep, will lay down in front of police stations by the dozens bleating “Hands up, don't shoot!” even though they know that at no time did Michael Brown have his hands up and never uttered the words “Don't shoot.” Apparently it doesn't matter. It's easier for cowards to demonize the easy targets, cops, than it is to deal with the issues behind crime and violence. In this politically correct charade facts just don't matter.

It doesn't matter that after 9/11 the entire country wanted terrorists stopped by any means necessary. Now we'll worry that these terrorists might not enjoy getting waterboarded or being sleep deprived like they are interns at most brokerage firms … even as they heartlessly murder over a hundred children in Pakistan. Young people are actually worried that we're losing the moral high ground to these mindless animals?

I realize that this has turned into more of a rant than a clear-headed evaluation of political correctness but I don't give a fuck. I don't care that in a week I might change my viewpoint one of these topics. I just want to let it out. Sort through it all. I just want to think about it without feeling like a crazy man. I want the luxury of hearing other people who disagree with me tell me why I'm an asshole!

I want to process what's going on in a world that seems to be getting more fucked up on a daily basis. I want to scream that Obama is an incompetent asshole and not be accused of saying it because he's black but because he truly is an incompetent asshole.

So where was I?

Oh yeah. Young people.

I want to be able to say these things on a college campus. I want kids to want to hear different opinions. And not just those of incarcerated cop-killers that should have been put down years ago. That they'll listen to but they'll ban Bill Maher because he made some comments about Muslims? How fucked up is that?

Millennials need to wake the fuck up and realize that old people, as they've always been, are wrong about everything and they need to figure things out for themselves. Political correctness posing as humor on Comedy Central is nothing more than our generation's way of trying to manipulate you. Removing options and pushing you down the same shitty streets that we've been living on for too long. MSNBC and Fox are not Coke and Pepsi. Fuck them both. Fuck politicians, they no longer care about us. Fuck lawyers. Fuck people who've never had a flat tire. Fuck the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fuck institutions. Fuck German's that play the banjo. Fuck comedians that pander to their audiences and say what is expected of them. And fuck wearing pink fucking ribbons to support an organization made up of people who profit off of cancer.

And if you don't agree with any of the things I've said then please, PLEASE feel free to tell me to fuck off too. Say it loud, the more profane the better.

That might be our only hope.