elegy to the death of an empire

by Kyle Muntz

later tonight mitt romney will look into the mirror,
he will say
i'm a person, i'm a person,
i'm a person,
i'm a white man,
i'm a bigot, my jaw
is extremely square, i could have played superman
back in the seventies, my religion is the object of bigotry
(i'm still a bigot), i have a broad chest,
i have a very poor memory, i believe in freedom
i believe in freedom, i believe in taking back
america, i believe embryos are more important
than living human beings i believe in
a woman's right to choose, when i talk in front
of a crowd sometimes i stutter because
i'm no good with people,
i'm no good with people, hehe can i shake some hands up
in this bitch, i don't drink alcohol,
i eat babies, i'm mitt romney
and i eat babies, i'm mitt romney
and i approve
this message

i spent a while walking around in america, and everything
was absolutely fucked
people were burning babies in the street, people were
burning churches, people were having more babies,
people were starving on the streets, people
were burning flags, they kept saying
god is dead and we have killed him, god
is dead and his corpse is buried somewhere in america—socialists
had taken over the schools, socialists were
brainwashing the children, socialists
were burning the corpse of Ronald Reagan:
the rolling hills, the infinite gun-boner,
churches, churches,
more churches, the, umm, sky with smoke in it,
white people
(especially old white people), everyone throwing rocks
into an ocean shaped exactly like
a country, the whole landscape rearranged to look exactly
like a flag, the shape of a missile
is exactly like penis, it's not a coincidence,
it was all intended
by god


i was looking at a picture of mitt romney's
face and i couldn't help thinking
he was just a cliffside pretending to be a human being,
sort of like a coal factory, sort of like
a statue

i saw a picture
of mitt romney at walmart
but i couldn't tell him apart from a lawnmower

i saw a picture of mitt romney at mcdonalds
but i couldn't tell him apart from a double cheeseburger


i had this dream where mitt romney was being beaten
up by george washington

it was horrific

pieces of him kept breaking off and he would have
to put them in a pile in the corner, and he labeled them
so they would be easier to reattach

he said
i'm mitt romney and i agree you with, i'm mitt romney

i exist,

i'm mitt romney and these
are just words

on a page.


mitt romney stood above
an immense hole in the earth,
he said—my name is mitt romney,
i was named after a glove-like object, there is
a state shaped like me, i sold it to
china, there is a hole
somewhere in me, there is a hole
bigger than a planet,
i believe in lowering taxes i believe
in freedom of religion hehehe
yes mam there are words in it,
you shouldn't make that
face can i shake your hand anyway?
hehehe this is a nice state,
the trees are the right height the children
are the right color (everything i do
i do for the children, and
their parents) this is my wife
she completes me, we were poor
once, her hair is beautiful
and gold hehehe corporations
are people
my friend the same way
a body is made of blood
and shit and exploitable resources, and
my hair goes back nicely over
this american face is it dark in here?
i'm mitt romney and i'm
no good at seeing in the dark, i'm
mitt romney and they sell
parts of my body in convenience stores
all around the country


47% made in
america, pieces of bone
stained with american
glass—no fuck it
they make cars
in this country, or at least
they used to, this
is a great place
to buy furniture,
is a great place to be
a salesman


mitt romney heard someone speak spanish
on the street and stabbed him, he said
you son of a bitch
this was a nice tie, you son of a bitch
don't you understand you're a burden
to this country, don't you understand
it would be better just to self-deport?
hehehe maybe we've come to
an understanding
well son how would you feel about
cutting my grass? i'm not sure
exactly what i said but I stand by it, i stand by it
and my name is mitt romney


i hope
mitt romney's shell
of retrograde aluminum
is breaking into pieces,
i hope he
he cries
mechanical tears


it was the end of an era
america was dead the nuclear family
was eating itself, it was the death
of an empire it was
a nightmare
like watching an episode of survivor
or some shit except no one
was surviving
pasty white like some clumps
of dough in a kitchen
where the women were
supposed to be, or in
their binders
i don't like these cookies, i don't like these trees,
i'm mitt romney and when i speak
everyone in the room
goes silent, it's not
you, it's me,
i'm doing
this to save america, i'm
doing this because i believe
in blood and liberty,
i believe in doing what's
best for america
even though there are
times (maybe i shouldn't
admit this, i'm running for president 
you know) i kind of
hate america, because it's poisoned,
but i'm clean,
i'm mitt romney and i'm
clean, i'm
mitt romney and
i approve this message