Parallelogical Circuit

by Josh Maday


So I think maybe I am a robot.

If I was a robot, I would do lewd things, metallic (cold, hard, shiny, heavy, malleable, loud, acrid, industrial, immovable, unstoppable) things.

I would do the things I do in my dark powerless dreams.

People would understand and tolerate my behavior because I am a robot.

Then I would feel strange, because I still would not understand that people are only tolerating.

But wait.

I would be a robot.

So I would not enjoy doing those things.

So I probably would not do those things because power would be meaningless.

I would do nothing.

Which is what I do now.

So I think maybe I am a robot.

If you touch right here you can feel my wires. They bristle with current. You'll get a small shock, only 0.0012 amps. A ticklish blue snap. Nothing serious. Your muscles will not seize. If you touch right here you will feel current bristle through your fingertips up to the base of your neck. Your hand will tighten. You will not be able to let go. 0.02 amps. No tickle. But, if you touch right here