by Ivan Reyes

You never showed up. 

As the snow fell down 
Covering the leaves 
That covered the road 
I wondered if I was crazy 

Or just crazy about you 
Was there even a difference? 

I wondered, 
Was love a mental illness 
Because I knew I hated you 
But before I knew that I hated you 
I fell in love 
Before I knew anything 
And so did you 
With a mirage you thought was me 

Are we both crazy? 

Or is it crazy to be sane because the chaos of the world is dimmed and shut off 
And despite the fact that I hate you 
And you hate me for who and what I am 
In you I stirred a chaos 
And chaos is possibility 
And in me you did the same 
And when we succame to our own humanity 
And returned to our senses 
The possibilities disappeared. 

Love is a blind, rabid dog. 

Love is... 

I got back into my truck. 
Turned it on, I never went in for that corny mess, 
Peace and love, it's a nursery rhyme the old tell the young 
The middle aged know better, 
Love is a fuck and a beer. 
Love is a stolen lottery ticket. 
Love is the twinkle in your eye when you punish yourself for being weak. 
Love is a sack full of french fries and ketchup and napkins. 
Love is the sight of eternity. 

And it only lasts for a moment. 
And we feast on that moment for years. 
Until we depart. 
And, maybe, meet again. 
And, maybe, we dance again. 
To relive the moment. 
To affirm, at least just to us, that it was real. 
Fragile is the moment, and so easily lost. 
We lose our minds protecting it, and pain is the cost.