by Ivan Reyes

It comes 
In a flash 
The bullets are tearing through 
The houses and cars on the road, the river of blood extending 
Like a snake down the road 
Now branching 
An explosion raises dust in the town -- a hellish twilight 

While a lover loses his singular almighty golden rose 
The petals decay and wilt 
Because through the radio 
He hears his people's final wails of agony 
And he takes a hot bath 
And drops two medium sized cyanide tablets into the water 
And hangs himself with the curtain 
And impales himself with the rod 
As the water washes over him 
And he breathes his final joyful breath 

And simultaneously the satellites come a'crashing down to earth 
And the echoes of echoes are all that can be heard 
And the promises of promises 
And the love of love 
And the hate of hate 
Become distilled 
And decoded as the wild bastard emerges from the earth 
And he flips the switch 
That makes time start all over again