Rabbit Trail

by Emily Sparkles

What if they died when they died 
to make us look more closely inside 
to invite us to investigate?


Sorrow fences with fear and questions over socialized medicine and 
what if their deaths could have been prevented
if their healthcare had been privatized
though I'll have to ignore my suspicions that money matters more, even in that system...

I am no physician, no scientist, and I walked away from journalism
but undergrad brought me psychology which brought me statistics and medical terminology and research methods
and undergrad brought me an English degree which brought me comprehension and critical thinking and combined with my psychology, understanding scientific research is just a matter of application.

And graduate school brought me a teaching degree which is really
a degree in the science of learning and my freelance work brings me communication skills so together I can write things that facilitate understanding.
Add it all up, undergrad to today, and what if I am the most qualified to investigate, what if I am at least qualified 


And what if socialized medicine isn't to blame
and correlation and causation all point to the same 
truth that people die, people die too soon?