The Cat was Wrong

by dris khali

     My brother is the only person who dared to slaughter a bitch and its five puppies. It is sickening to write this story. Sickening to read it. This happened on Sunday night when the muezzin called for the  prayer. The puppies were hungry. There  was no milk in The breasts of their mother. And  the dog couldn't resist the eating  of   the only three eggs laid by the chickens of my brother.
   The bitch put  all her  confidence in the wrong human heart .My brother Sharpened his long knife and  called  the brown bitch .The stupid bitch .She did not consider what was  inside the mind of my brother. If she did, she could have seen evil gathering drop by drop  in his eyes and thus could have run away  or defend her right to live..
From vein to vein my brother slaughtered her. He did so , he said, in the name of his   Great God.

-       Allahou Akbar. Allahou Akbar. Allahou Akbar.

And in ten minutes my brother had finished off the five puppies without any sense of mercy.
My mother says to herself:
-  Oh. Accursed, from which hell did  you bring this  monster ?


    My  brother is the only human who has challenged the crow. Raven appeared to Cain when he was unable to bury his brother. Raven turned with time into a sign of death.  My brother  showed himself to the crow .But the crow could not fly.The wings couldn't save  the bird.  They couldn't save it out of my brother's trap.   My brother caught the wandering crow when the sun was at the zenith of its heat. He slaughtered it so that he can eat it in the mercy of his God. So says my brother.  He grilled the bird's  meat and devoured it.

 My brother is  the real  death in the eyes of the crow.

 - For seventy years, "says my father, I have never  heard  or seen an animal  which saw  in the crow a desirable meal.

 My  Lord. You should have  created  my brother with one eye in the center of the face ,  with one hand in the center of the body so that  he be a lesson for those who  chant  blindly:

- Every creature  on earth lives on behalf's  God

     My brother lives on the roof of the house. In the room it was I who  paid for its construction. From the window my brother  watches the crows that  ,may be, are looking for their lost friend .It seems  they don't know that  another ominous evil has come to  earth .

     My father returned from the South and  did sex to my mother. He was so thirsty and he  forgot to name his Lord when he saw the body of my mother as the cold  water of our village's fountain. After nine months, my brother came to the world. My mother was alone. And  my brother almost fell on his head.

With the passage of two years, my brother has eaten eightieth square centimeter of the paint of  our conventional oven's wall.

At his  seventeenth's  winter  all the  pets that my mother kept  taking  care of shivered  at the mere sight of my brother.

And  five years ago,  my brother  showed  exactly himself for the Crows and taught them how to burry  the bones of their friend that had wandered  and found the strange abdomen of my brother waiting for him.

 My father says:

 - Even a wolf's  belly wouldn't have accepted a crow's meat!

- Oh God, does this  dumb monster really belong to me?


      My brother has two young doves. One morning, he Came out  and went to a place called the castle. In the castle there's a graveyard. An old unknown one. There ‘s also a lot of dense trees. My brother  infiltrated inside the castle. And  as an experienced cat, he found  a dove's Nest. By instinct, he reached  the nest.   The very young doves couldn't Fly. The mother hovered around my brother.  The poor dove was trying with all its feathers and beak  to save her two little babies out of the  claws of my brother. The two young doves were so small and their feathers were beautifully yellow. The mother approached from the head of my brother which  looked like a circular black stone. But my brother, my real brother,  was deaf and dumb  and monstrous. He knew nothing about  pigeons except that every year they lay two small eggs which turn to be  two young doves valid for grilling.

    And the cat tried to betray my brother. It flattened its  straight tail on the ground and put  all its weight on its four legs in preparation for an attack on the two young doves. And my brother went out of his cave and picked up the cat that  left its small kittens waiting for its fruitful return.

 - Miaw. Miaw.

    My brother pointed out to the cat. He was furious and the cat could not run away. It seems that he was telling her that she was a traitor who was trying to rob his  young doves.
 He caught her.
    And The cat  struggled using all its teeth and claws. She was trying to get rid  of the solid fingers of my brother. She wanted to come back to her small kittens. But,  my brother's fingers were like a vulture's claws. He went to his cave  and then returned with a bag and an electric cord in his hand.

       Half an hour later, he was in the castle. He  climbed the dense tree  and in the empty  nest of the poor dove he put the cat. He  tied the mewing cat  there. In the dove's nest. And by instinct , my dumb,  monstrous brother tied the poor cat to the thick branch near the nest.

 - Miaw. Miaw.Miaw.

 Proud of his  strange victory over the poor cat, my brother returned home. And  he dug  a hole.   A big one. And as an experimented dog , he looked for the nice innocent kittens. when he found them, he grinned.  Ignorant of what will happen to them, the  kittens just looked   and mewed angrily. From now on, They will not have the chance to grow and  understand how to hunt small mice.

My brother put mercilessly the kittens in the hole and heaped the dirt on them.

 I say:

-          The  cat committed a grave mistake when it tried to get close to the young doves of the other son of my parents.

 Therefore I exist.