Sunday in Dogpatch, circa 1990

by Angela Kubinec


My hair got cut off cuz Momma says it's too much trouble ta comb tha nits out when it's long.  Then Bobby's girlfriend tol' her if you just put a little bit of dog dip in tha shampoo bottle you won' git no lice no more.  I'm lettin' my hair grow back.  My Marine Core sweatsuit come in a box from tha Greater Highway Church-a-God jus' ‘fore Chrissmas.  I don' wear it ta school unless it's really col' but it's my fav'rite.  We have ta be waitin' at tha bus stop at 6:00 so's we kin get ta school by 7:00 an' my uniform (tha's what I call my sweatsuit) really helps under my other sweatsuit, which is My Little Pony.  Tha dog tore up my socks an' Diddy says it's my own fuckin' fault for leavin ‘em in tha floor, but they's all kinds a stuff in tha floor.  I don' know why Duke did that, but I forgive 'im cuz he sleeps with me and I like that when it's really loud in tha livin' room.  We don' wanna live nowhere else where people bother you an' try an' mind your bizness, like callin' tha cops just cuz someone's arguin' in tha yard.  Like last nite when Bobby's girlfriend didn' come til she spent tha 'lectric money or call neither an' he ended up in my bed with his stinky no shirt self.  Gary's over there with tha rollin' papers after checkin' his cup for cigarette butts.  I don' know who that is kissin' Sherry.  Momma an' Diddy is still in tha bed.  When Barney goes off tha TV I'm gonna check tha cabinet for some Fruit Loops.  They tas'e fine with no milk an' I think they's pro'bly a soda floatin' in tha coolah on tha porch.  Diddy likes his Jack with a Coke back.