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    Ann Bogle
    Jul 24, 05:35am

    I am Bible in my reading. It takes about five good days to read a passage fully. 1 Samuel has been fully rich. OT is condensed and so is NT in a different way. Truth is mesmeric. For me and other people I know, the end is not nigh. Some people are beginning life anew with a fresh puppy. I did not grow up with The Second Coming. The Second Coming turned out to be a novel by Walker Percy. I recommend it. I felt in reading The Second Coming in the late 80s that a miracle of prose and dialogue were in progress as I turned pages. Naturally, the end felt nigh for Jesus' followers, in grief and steeped in his recent absence as they were, he their beloved. I like Jesus' sardonic outlook and philosophy. He was an observer of people, of men. I told a man over lunch that I had read that Jesus' words, those he was known to have spoken, gathered and read continuously, would amount to merely two hours of speech. He lived to be 33 and spoke hardly at all, if that is so. The man said that Jesus was a frequent guest speaker and proselyte. Proselyte means in Greek "a newcomer to Israel" and a stranger. The man may have told his wife, someone I haven't met, if my intuition serves, that I had witnessed to him. I realized he had given me three choices over lunch: A.) Jesus was a good man, a rabbi, or B.) Jesus was a preacher, or C.) Jesus never lived. The more I ventured to say, and all the while I stayed spare, the more the man reduced Jesus' chances and my right to my view. I liked it when the man said that no one has the right to tell someone else what to do except in getting someone off the Titanic.

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    Ann Bogle
    Sep 09, 06:38pm

    I turned the forum comment above into a story on Fictionaut:


    Odd for my own casual writing, there was only one word, besides the title, that struck me as a swing-word, one that could change. I don't know why it seemed that set.

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    Steven J. Kolbe
    Mar 27, 06:23pm

    Where did it go??

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