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  • Old-man-on-the-beach.thumb
    Jason McCormick
    Nov 16, 01:37pm

    Yo, this is Jason McCormick. I've published a story. If I select the keep private button, will the story be shared with more than one protected group?

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    Tony Hightower
    Nov 18, 08:07am

    As things stand right now, and as far as I can tell, if you mark a story Private, it can still be seen by all your private groups. There are only two buttons there.

    Jurgen's talking with the tech people about ways to change some things without going crazy with the buttons and the options. I'm guessing there will probably be a change in this policy at some point soon, but right now, that's how it is.

  • Samantha_tossed_leaves_october_2009.thumb
    Lynda Montgomery
    Nov 18, 09:33pm

    now I am confused.
    I am member of this group - but when I click on Jason's story - I get brought out to the login screen -- I log in - go to read Jason's story and the episode repeats.


    Jason -
    when I can figure it out - I really look forward to reading your story...

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