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    Scott Garson
    Sep 25, 08:08am

    i've got a stack i'm working thru-- Unsaid#4, and new Hobart, Keyhole, and American Short Fiction....

    the Anne Carson/Sven Birkerts segue in Unsaid is amazing. unbelievable writing, perfect transition...

    any good stuff to report from you all's recent reads?

  • N529685483_3826630_838.thumb
    R. Mangla
    Sep 25, 10:02am

    How good was the Claire Watkins story in the new Hobart?

    Keyhole just arrived yesterday, will probably break it in today.

  • Rg.thumb
    Roxane Gay
    Sep 28, 06:03pm

    I loved the new American Short Fiction. I think they are consistently outstanding. I could go on. And on. And on. The past two issues have blown me away. I'm also reading the new A cappella Zoo, Hobart, Keyhole, One Story, Poetry, Little White Poetry Journal, Salt Hill, Weave and The Rome Review. My bookshelves are angry at me as is my dissertation.

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