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    Christian Bell
    Feb 01, 08:58pm

    <i>We're not about planning business strategies that gauge the potential for customers to browse and perhaps purchase the essential products that are offered for sale to the various constituents who may otherwise be looking to purchase things that may or may not be offered or that may or may not be offered by other clients in the larger segments of the community where various synergies have come together to find a common ground where their perspectives can commingle and then be attuned to the larger arena of various concepts and meet various objectives that are central to the overarching goals of what can be called the qualifying parameters of such a scope of this variety of project whereby the justification of specific proposals is the centralization and also even the decentralization of various coordinated tasks that meet the underlying principles of what has been considered by the industry at large as the effective type of realization of the developmental specifications of a wide-reaching pool of prospective members of a measurable talent base and the various skills and abilities that they are able to offer to the broader sense of what is the essential community of leading industries that are producing viable market share and valuable integrated services going forward.</i>

    So says the fucking upside down cat!


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    James Lloyd Davis
    Feb 05, 10:14pm

    I'm confused. But that's okay. It will pass and I'll continue to pretend I'm on top of all this and maybe a little ahead of it.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Feb 08, 04:41am

    I like bacon. Is that all?

  • Rebel.thumb
    Sally Houtman
    Feb 08, 06:08am

    Let me have a go...it's a manefesto...it's a mission statement...it's a cry for help...it's a diatribe...it's a maniaical rant...it's a floor cleaner...it's a dessert topping...it's the slanting font of creative angst...oh, hell...

    If I guess what it means, do I get some bacon?

  • Img_1307.thumb
    James Lloyd Davis
    Feb 10, 02:34am

    We're out of bacon, but there's potato salad.

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