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    Christian Bell
    Jan 25, 05:44pm

    Check out the group pic. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing!

    So, speaking of absolutely nothing, I'm trying to figure out what to do with this here Metapuckish. The posting of the press conference transcript in the Forums netted exactly one new member (thanks for joining, Susan!).

    I've thought about using the discussion threads for writing prompts, but that would be so un-Metapuckish. Maybe I should go the other direction—writing stops. Cues that stop you from writing. Do you ever write on and on and on, day after day, with great and wonderful ideas, and wish you could just stop already? Doesn't a great period of creativity just suck sometimes and you wish you could get back to more wasteful things such as web surfing and alcohol imbibing? Yeah, me too!

    Anyway, here are some leftover lines from previous misadventures. Do with them what you will, but know they are <b>not</b> writing prompts.

    --Do we need to say “nougat” twice in the same paragraph?

    --I'm so polite that I can't even eat cake anymore.

    --We blurt out word forms.

    -- Aren’t you tired of people announcing that something is the final version of a particular something and then find out later that they’ve released another version of the particular something and they make this big spectacle of how the final wasn’t the final but now this one might be the final but who can say for sure now?

    --In Mr. Bell’s writings, he had made light of spontaneous combustion.


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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jan 25, 06:35pm

    The meaning of the picture could be...

    "I've done everything I can, you people, except standing on my head. So now I'm standing on my head, so join the Metapucks already! Thrill me with your metapuckish indulgence, wow me with your sensationalist..."

    I hear you, bro'... I feel your pain. Indifference is clearly the problem.

    I think what's needed here is... not to define what you're looking for, but to create an image. An image people simply must acquire. After all, bacon used to be only bacon, but now it symbolizes a generation's desire for the return to simple mid-western values and roots... roots that are not bleached, but black and therefore pure.

    You need a recruitment poster, something that says... "Uncle Christian wants you!!!" or "Why be an ordinary mfa when you can be a Metapuck."

    or simply "Metapuck yourself!!!"

    Just a few ideas... I mean, if you plan to tout cheap meta sensationalism, why hold back?

    Let your Metapuck flag fly.

    But, yeah. I can relate.

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    Christian Bell
    Jan 25, 08:52pm

    James, you're on to something here about creating an image. Of course, you may have also sold me on your idea when you mentioned bacon.

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    Sally Houtman
    Jan 26, 12:10am

    And sometimes bacon is just bacon.

    I find the recruitment poster "Uncle christian wants you" both creepy and oddly arousing.

    Seriously, I'm new to all this stuff, but the group pulled me in because of its abiding need to not take itself, the art of writing, of reading, of critiquing, too seriously. I'm all over that idea re life in general.

    I say, whatever y'all come up with to have a bit of a laugh, I'm in.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jan 26, 01:22am

    "Bacon is never just bacon."

    Marcel Proust's butcher Jean-Paul

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    Christian Bell
    Jan 26, 03:45pm

    Our new catch phrase: "Bacon!" Okay, it's not really a phrase but just a word, but it's still catch. I propose that if you meet any of your fellow Metapuckishers on the street, you greet them with a hearty, "Bacon!" For now, I'm going to use that as my comment on stories I like.

    Sally, what you said is what we're all about here at Metapuckish--"its abiding need to not take itself, the art of writing, of reading, of critiquing, too seriously."

    However, I do take bacon seriously. That's about it. Bacon!

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    Sally Houtman
    Jan 26, 11:44pm

    Okay, so here's the motto as I see it: Bacon, it's not just a pork bi-prodict, it's a way of life.

    I long for the day when someone reads a piece I've written, sighs, waxes philosophical, then places the fingers ever so lightly on the keyboard and taps out that glorious, glorious word: Bacon.

    Ahhhhhhhh, bacon, the sweet, smoky smell of success.

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