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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Aug 06, 04:38am

    when you think of writing about trauma?

    For me, the word is SURVIVAL.

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    Penny Goring
    Aug 06, 06:50am

    Yes, me too.

    'Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive'. Josephine Hart.

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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 06, 09:31am

    The word JPH said if I write about it is "you will be killed."

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    Bobbi Lurie
    Aug 06, 05:06pm

    Word that first comes to mind: My son's name-my son w anorexia w Stevens Johnson Ten, w total blindness constant threat-constant threat of his dying of anorexia-constant threat-also cancer..constant cancer and "breakdown"--how much more possible to take?

    Penny, I just found my book "Damage" (from when I lived in UK-& funny how she was celebrity of sorts there but no one knows of her in US-(how her book was put down due to her marriage etc.) & how it's funny to read a UK gossip mag because someone from US does not know who any of the people in gossip mag are-i mean: i did know after several years of living there but--it put the absurdity of gossip columns into perspective-once again when returned to U.S. & had no idea who people in gossip columns were) I read that quote-2 days ago-thank you.(i loved film at time as well-& know it is book i should be "ashamed" of reading-one of those books we sneak in & don't mention on "lists"-well, i remember loving that book but it may go way of most of my books-am ridding self of books...)

  • Atim.thumb
    Penny Goring
    Aug 07, 06:58am

    oh, i wouldn't be ashamed of that book! x

  • Dsc_7543.thumb
    Gloria Garfunkel
    Aug 21, 09:59pm


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