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    RW Spryszak
    Mar 31, 05:26am

    Anyone looking in can join this group. Please just come on board. It is an informal gathering, and I hope that the people involved here in the group via Fictionaut all become contributors.

    Issue #4 of our magazine called Thrice Fiction (because it is published three times a year) has been available for one week exactly as of this writing. Tonight we recorded our 3,115th free download. That means, unless anyone had to come back and do it again, well over 3,000 people have read or are reading our zine this time around. We have also noted an uptick in downloads for our past three issues, which remain available and ever shall.

    This is very amazing to us because we don't exactly know where this is coming from. We questioned it, and have verified the independence of the ISPs downloading. So it goes without saying that we are very, very pleased. Dave Simmer, the art guy, and I are convinced the only real reason for it is that it is the work of our artists and writers that is making this happen. We also expect reviews over the next few months from various independent sources. So there's no telling what happens next.

    I would like to remind you, even if you are a member of the group Thrice Fiction here at Fictionaut, that there is a submission policy on our website. http://www.thricefiction.com and we really need that to be adhered to. This is because in the last three months I've become buried with submissions. So if any are left via Fictionaut I can't guarantee I'll either see them or know what to do with them. Also note that there is a set reading period for every issue. Stuff that comes in extra-reading period won't be discarded, but it will sit there a long time without an answer.

    And, of course, like any professional submitter, we do expect you'll take a look at past issues to determine if we're the right venue for your work. I mean, right?

    Please take all this into account when considering us. As of right now even though we sell hard copies via MagCloud we don't see one red cent from that, so it remains - for now - a labor of love. There's no payment... yet... though the downloads are free for your iPad, your Kindle, plain old pdf's or a couple other things Dave took care of that I don't even understand.

    & thank you all for your support.

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    Susan Tepper
    Apr 04, 12:44am

    THRICE is a lavish feast of words and image. It is Gorgeous!!! I ordered the print copies and they are spectacular! Thank you Bob and Dave for all the hard work that obviously goes into THRICE!

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