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    RW Spryszak
    Nov 26, 09:08pm

    I'm at Fictionaut for sneaky reasons. I have stuff to show but I recognize that I'm not half as good as most of the people who post here, or anywhere for that matter. I look at my stuff two days later and hate everything about it.

    On the other hand I seem to get very passionate about what other people are doing. I have no problems telling someone else I think they're doing great, since I usually end up hating everything I do if I wait long enough.

    What does this mean? It means I'm probably the perfect psyche for an editor.

    You know, something along the lines of - those who can... DO. Those who can't... are editors. Or something like that.

    If you received an invite to this group, it came from me. And it came from me because I saw something and want to show your work. Think Diaghilev if you must, the guy who puts on the show. Whatever.

    Just think - if you were invited here it means I'd like to see you put something in for consideration. In fact even if the first thing you put in is something we can't use SUBMIT AGAIN.


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