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    RW Spryszak
    Nov 26, 12:33pm

    Thrice features standard short stories as well as flash fiction but also various forms that kind-of sort-of look like fiction but may also be poetry. The stated mission of this magazine is to combine standard, more traditional fiction that we like alongside our fearless commitment to the new, unusual and unique.

    In the standard short story format what we’re looking for most of all is voice. We’re not all that interested in waiting around to get hooked, and yet we know a gimmick when we see it.

    It will serve you well if you first look up Elmore Leonard’s Rules of Writing and incorporate them into your work.

    As to genre, actually we don’t care. And if you want to bend genres, even better.

    As to the non-traditional forms – Remember that people considered innovators all through the history of the arts (say Picasso, James Joyce, Lenny Bruce) first proved somewhere along the way that they knew the classical approach before they took their work to the next level. We’re not into championing laziness, and we have a pretty good eye for soulless muck masquerading as “avant garde.” Especially since anything really avant-garde has a tendency to be something we’d be willing to fight for.

    There was a time when there was no such a thing as “flash fiction.” If Thrice had been around in the 80’s and 90’s when that form was being hammered into the final shape it took we would have been publishing it. So we’re not afraid to take a chance. Only, please, give us a reason to.

    A word about length. We’re not opposed to novella-sized work. We’re not averse to serializing a novel. We will listen to any idea you have, so long as you follow everything we’ve said above. We’re not looking for those lengths, and we’ll approach all of them with extreme caution because it makes the price of a hard copy very expensive for our audience. So it’s got to be worth it.

    At this time the only thing we can give you is a glorious line in your resume. But all rights to the work revert to the authors and outside of including the stuff in our pages we have no claim on it whatsoever. We will look at previously published material as well, but need to see that the rights still belong to you.

    We don’t care about what other stuff you’ve done so we don’t need more than just a bare bones cover letter unless you’re inclined to expand. By the same token if you have a magnificent publishing history it’s not going to sway our opinion of what we’re reading right there in front of us so, really, don’t bother. We’ll get a pic and bio when we need one, AFTER we accept the work.

    Send fiction to bob@thricefiction.com make sure it is in WORD format.
    Send art queries to dave@thricefiction.com - and do not send any material unless we request to see it.

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    Ann Bogle
    Nov 26, 05:48pm

    Thanks for publishing Thrice Fiction. This is no mere sales pitch. Thrice Fiction's blend of fresh art, tantalizing short stories, and vivid design truly allures. I recently ordered my print copy of the Perfect issue to place (proudly) on the trophy shelf of my living room built-ins. I tell my mother when I publish a story on the Internet, and she responds as if to hearing a rumor. This one with its pretty naked lady on the cover I can actually show her. If she reads "Free Country," "She lets her intentions guide her," and "Hooker," or any of the others' stories inside, she will do so without comment. I wonder if she will voice them in her head. I like it that Thrice is available in a variety of formats, hard copy (traditional) and as a gorgeous free download (contemporary).

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