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    Lumberyard Magazine
    Oct 07, 11:28am

    If you've ever wanted to see what your poems would look like when matched with NASA-certified design (seriously, the guys at Firecracker have sent their work into outerspace), then you may want to consider the Roark Prize.

    So, What Do You Win?
    The recipient of The Lumberyard Roark Prize will have a special spring 2010 issue entirely dedicated to her/his poems. The Roark Prize issue will be designed and letterpressed by Firecracker Press, in the same style you've come to expect from us (if you are not familiar with The Lumberyard and the poems we publish, we highly recommend you read the magazine before submitting), and the winner will receive $50 in prize money and ten complimentary copies of the magazine. Winner will be notified no later than Feb. 1, 2010, and results will be emailed to all entrants and available at that time on our website.

    Full details here:

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