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    Christopher Allen
    Jun 17, 12:27am

    Hi, everyone,
    I'm wondering if anyone is active here. If so, I'd appreciate your stopping by and reading "Red Toy Soldier". I'd be happy to return the gesture.

  • tea kay
    Sep 10, 10:33pm

    I just joined this group, I am wondering the same thing. Given you asked your question 2 months ago, I'm guessing the group isn't really so active... have you since found any short story groups that are active?

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Sep 10, 11:00pm

    Short stories are not very popular here for the most part, as you may have already noticed, but if you write well, are persistent, coment on other people's work and have patience, you can gain enough credibility that people will read what you've written, no matter the length.

    I'll come back some time this weekend and read what you've written.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Sep 10, 11:02pm

    I meant comment not coment.

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    Siren of Brixton
    Sep 11, 12:29pm

    Hello all. I'd certainly be keen to get this group active again as I tend to write stories over 1000 words and, while I appreciate the reasons people prefer to read the shorter forms, I joined so I can learn from other writers how to improve my own.

    Chris(topher?), I read Red Toy Soldier when I first joined about a week or so ago. It's no surprise to me you won a prize, I found it heartbreaking.

  • tea kay
    Sep 12, 09:51am

    I'm glad to see people are out there! Also I made a response comment to some comments on my story, but I don't think this site notifys of that (to the previous commentors). But the point is... thanks for the read!

    I am going to read the stories posted here later today - I didn't see that you can just post to the group until just now.


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