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    JM Prescott
    May 06, 01:18am

    Check out our split-themes in Up Coming Themes.

    Send us your best, original, unpublished work on one side of the theme.

    No attachments (except video and art) put your text into the body of an email.

    Multiple submissions are okay. But one piece per-email.

    Simultaneous submissions are okay. But tell us if it's been accepted elsewhere and you'd like to withdraw your piece from our consideration.

    Write your subject line like this: Theme – Flash Fiction – The Great Story Title – Your Name

    We publish:
    Flash Fiction - 1000 words or less
    Flash Prose - 1000 words or less
    Poetry - 50 lines or less
    Spoken Word Video - 3 min or less
    Banner Art - This is the only element where we want both sides of the split-theme represented.

    We’re not interested in erotica, violence or crude language for the sake of it. We won’t publish any hate-literature that embraces prejudice or intolerance towards any group. Don’t send us religious pieces, pro or against, and don’t abuse the name of any god.

    Send all submissions to: flip@theglasscoin.com

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