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    JM Prescott
    Apr 30, 01:19pm

    Submit a flash or poem on one side of the theme, or suggest a new theme for the magazine.

    Up Coming Themes


    A painter’s pallet is not the only application we’re looking for, nor are we specifically interested in things that don’t mix. Is it the colors that draw you in? Or the act of making meanings out of them?


    The pressure of a widespread reputation and public eminence. The freedom riches provide. A matter of chance. A quest for stardom. Can the measure of a man’s option match the weight of his pocketbook or the familiarity of his name.


    Life is a series of discoveries and mistakes, success and failure. But we don’t use exclamation marks lightly – theses are impassioned expressions. Highs and Lows. Great accomplishments, achieved. Goals, sough and missed.


    Tea with Great Grandma on a Saturday afternoon. Or a private audience with the Queen. UFOs spotted on a cloudless night. A child trying to hold a piece of the ocean in her hand.

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    JM Prescott
    May 11, 03:42pm

    The deadline is coming up on Saturday. Have you submitted yet?

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    JM Prescott
    Jun 28, 11:07pm

    Fame & Fortune is coming Thursday, July 1 2010.

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